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12 science heroes
12 inspirational stories for 2024
We’d like to get to know scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists from a different angle, outside their creative projects and research labs. We will showcase their professional achievements, hobbies, values, and plans.
Our heroes travel, excel at sports, dance, make jokes, and love fashion and cooking. And together they make our lives better! We’ve put their stories together in The Big Style Theory — now everyone can find their own inspiration for the year ahead. The calendar is easy to download and share — besides the limited print version, you can get cool free wallpappers for any device!
our heroes
Studies photonics and metamaterials to uncover the secrets of dark matter
Using artificial intelligence, she helps clinicians diagnose and treat diseases
Develops better rehabilitation techniques for people with cerebral palsy
Studies Earth from space
Programs cancer cells to self-destruct
Helps ships navigate the open sea
Directs stage plays with robots in the main roles — and a supporting cast of actors in neural interfaces
Improves medical implants
Creates liquid mirrors for telescopes to see faraway stars
Creates wound-healing materials from spider web
Develops algorithms to predict the properties of materials
Developed a "building material" for optical computers
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